A Berlin goodbye

It was finally time to go! After months of preparations, to-do lists, countdowns and goodbyes we were ready to leave our apartment in Bremen and drive to friends and family in and around Berlin. Autumn was starting to set in, announcing itself through the beautiful red, yellow and orange streaks forming in the greenery along the Autobahn on our drive to Berlin.

Spending a week in and around the capital proved to be a good transition between the stress of all the planning and packing, and getting our minds on the journey that lays ahead.

It was warm for the time of year, with temperatures ranging in the high teens with clear skies. Almost poetically these temperatures mirrored those in Perth, allowing for an almost seamless temperature transition, with the one difference that instead of winter we were heading (back) into summer! Honestly, it’s a privilege to be able to skip winter…we are a bit reptilian like that, we like it warm and toasty! We made the best of our last week of autumn by going on a mushroom hunt, bagging a nice basket full, which ended up topping some delicious pizzas.

Besides great food and great company, the stay with the amazing Basners in Berlin also yielded the birth of this website! That’s right, a big thank you to you, Franki, for helping these double lefthanded digilliterates (computer dummies) set this up. You’re a legend!

By the weekend the nerves had slowly but surely kicked in, as the profoundness of our adventure dawned on us. Especially the logistics of our flights, flying through different time zones occupied our minds. See our son was none the wiser, it’s just something you couldn’t explain to him. It is a bit like trying to explain to your pet you are going on an extended holiday…you can’t, they will figure it out once it is happening to them!

By the time we fly into Perth it will be midnight and no shops will be open. But in Germany the local time is 18.00, or to put it in Piet’s words: diiinneeeeerrrr!!!! Now perhaps you’re familiar with the policies of the Australian Border Patrol (through telly or personal experience), but fresh food is a no no. So our first couple of hours in Ozz will be interesting. Is piet going to be hungry, is he gonna want to sleep?! Who knows, but we’re ready! Bring it onnnnn! Off we go, to the land Down Under! See you on the other side, x

Now for a small digression, have you ever found yourself in a situation and almost immediately a song played in your head, like a soundtrack. Now this is the first time we blog, so if we’re gonna do it, we’ll do it our way. This means that this blog comes with a playlist. Yup, every story will be supported by a song. This story is best served with a bitta “John Denver – Leaving, On a Jet Plane

Mushies freshly picked ©️ Jasper Kruse

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